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Released Games

Jungle Jumpers

Jump, bounce, balance and climb your way as high as you can go! Jungle Jumpers is fun to play and an easy time-killer. Simply tilt your device left and right to move, and tap anywhere on the screen to jump. You can tap again in the air to double jump. Get the timing right to jump higher and make it farther – but don’t fall!

Features 12 playable characters, with 11 being unlockable. Search the menus for hidden secrets and free coins!

The jungle holds many mysteries. Can you discover them all?

Jungle Jumpers Google Play

Under Development

Portal Ball

Remember those screen savers where the ball bounces around the screen? That’s sort of what Portal Ball is, but a lot more fun.

Portal Ball is designed to be the perfect game to multitask with while watching Netflix or TV. The game mostly plays itself, and you can influence gameplay the most by customizing what upgrades you have equipped. Equip up to five upgrades at a time, influencing everything, from the ball, to portals, to asteroids, to gems, to crates, and to even the scoring system itself.

Rather focus on the game and not the next episode of Stranger Things? Don’t worry, there’s an active element too. Tap anywhere on the screen to create portals which will teleport the ball, and collect gems. Upgrade portals to give yourself even more control, and compete on Google Play Leaderboards for the highest score in each of the eight game modes.

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13 Days of Zombies

13 Days of Zombies

Zombies are attacking! In this Plants vs. Zombies inspired game, take control of a lone soldier on the battlefield, and shoot your way to safety against the oncoming zombie hordes. Unlock different weapon types, upgrade them, and battle different types of undead. All you have to do is survive for 13 days. Can you make it?

This upcoming game will feature 39 levels, multiple guns, zombies, upgrades, and tons of fun.

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